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Nach einem Championsleage-Spiel für Tenerife 2006

Während der Olympiaqualifikation 2008

Nach der Olympiaqualifikation 2008

Pol-sat Interview

Pole Position: Life in the fast lane with Milena Rosner
Interview mit vbworldcup 2007 (englisch)

Tokyo, September 12, 2007: Despite winning the Women’s European Championship in 2003 and 2005, Poland finished an embarrassing 15th at the 2006 FIVB World Championship in Japan. As they bid for a straight hat trick of Euro crowns in Belgium and Luxembourg from September 20-30, we talk to the team’s reception specialist (and Formula 1 motor racing fan), Milena Rosner.

vbw: How is the Poland team playing this year?
MR: We are feeling better. We did not play very well in the first week of the World Grand Prix in Poland but we are very happy after that. We played better in many elements, in block, in serve, in receive, so I think our performance is going up.

vbw: What went wrong at the World Championship last year?
MR: It wasn’t good because we had some problems in the Polish federation with our last coach, some conflict. It was in our heads and it was very difficult. Also our disposition was not really good, and in our minds. We were thinking very pessimistically at that moment, so we played like how you have seen.

vbw: What was it like when the Italian coach, Marco Bonitta, took over the team this year?
MR: It was not normal at first, because first we went to play in Montreux after only three practices. The Polish league finished just before the Montreux tournament, so it was a little bit difficult in Montreux after three practice sessions. We made many mistakes, and also there was a language barrier because in our team only two or three players speak Italian. But now it is better, and I think we understand more in Italian than Marco does in Polish.

vbw: Can you improve enough to win the European Championship for a third straight time?
MR: We want to win another. We are going to win. It is our ambition. I hope so. In the Grand Prix we beat China, the best team in the world, and also Russia, which was a very big thing. We are not at our best now, but in the European Championship we have to be better.

vbw: How old were you when you started playing volleyball, and why did you start?
MR: I started when I was 10 because in our school there was only volleyball, so I didn’t have a choice. It has been only volleyball and volleyball in my life.

vbw: At 1.79 metres, many other players from Eastern Europe are much taller than you. Do you have any special training routine for jumping high?
MR: No…no, no, no! I am jumping like I am jumping. It is not very high but it is not low, so I have to work on my technique. I am good in receive and defence, and in attack not very good. But I help the team in receive, so you could say I do the dirty work.

vbw: What is your ambition in volleyball?
MR: First we want to win again the European Championship, and after that we will start thinking about the Peking Olympics. It is difficult for us. We have to be first or second in the European Championship to get into the World Cup. This is our ambition for this moment.

vbw: What is your favourite other sport?
MR: My hobby is Formula 1. When I have some free time, which is not very often, I like to go to Formula 1 because I am a fan of the Polish driver Robert Kubica. I like him very much. I have been to the Formula 1 Grand Prix at Barcelona and Germany. After his accident at the Canadian Grand Prix this year it was very difficult for us, not only for him, because it was really dangerous for his life. It was amazing for me.

vbw: What are your hobbies?
MR: I like going for a walk and thinking, and listening to the music. I am something like a dreamer, you know, not very special. Reading…


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